fanniemae-freddiemacRebecca Bartley is mid-Michigan’s most experienced Loan Officer. This May has brought news that has created a lot of buzz in the Mortgage Lending world and has Rebecca excited for YOU! What many companies won’t be able to offer you for months, is now available againthrough Rebecca BartleyThe MyCommunity Mortgage is back! It’s a great Conventional Loan alternative to FHA. Here are a few benefits of the MyCommunity Mortgage Loan:

  • Only 3% down payment needed (less than FHA!)
  • Lowest 30-year fixed interest rates of any purchase loan
  • Seller can pay up to 3% of the purchase price for your closing costs
  • Family gifts can be used as down payment
  • Discounted mortgage insurance (HALF of what FHA requires!)
  • No funding fee!
  • No income limits or geographical restrictions like Rural Development!

Don’t Miss your Opportunity to Find a House
and Turn it into a Dream Home!